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AR-1015 Michelson Interferometer LC 0.0001mm

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with details as below  (mOptional SV lamp with box and power supply

Precisely to find wave length of Monochromatic light  on Calibrated scale, L.C. 0.0001 mm. with Telescope. Precisely to find wave length of Monochromatic light on Calibrated scale.
CONSTRUCTION : Base : The whole assembly is mounted on a triangular  heavy cast iron painted base. It is divided into two parts :  (i)  Mechanical (ii)  Optical
Precisely developed, with all perfect Optical, Mechanical components in our Research Laboratory, mainly used to find the wavelength of monochromatic  light or the calibration of scales and the standard experiments.
(i) Bed : optically ground, Length 250 mm with a  metallic knob in front of the instrument to facilitate movement.
(ii) Lead Screw : Lead screw is optically ground with its nut, Length 200 mm, Pitch 1 mm.
(iii) Optical Mirror Mount : Round shape (2 nos.) to hold the mirror which may be aligned in to orthogonal direction by means of screws provided at the rear side of the both of mounts.

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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 40 cm


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